How do I view and take on Challenges? (iOS 6.0 and above only)

Newer versions of the iOS Game Center app let you Challenge your friends. A Challenge is a form of friendly competition; one person achieves a score on a map, then challenges his/her friends to beat the score.

This FAQ describes how to view and take on Challenges from others. Another FAQ describes how to initiate Challenges.


  • An iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad).
  • The device must be running iOS 6.0 or higher.
  • Triple Town version 1.87 or higher.
  • Friends who play Triple Town on iOS devices.


  1. If you're not sure which version of iOS you're running, follow these instructions and confirm that you're running iOS 6.0 or higher:
  2. Sign in to Game Center if you haven't already done so:
  3. Launch Game Center:
  4. Follow these screenshots to view the Challenges your friends have posed to you:

  5. Follow these screenshots to launch Triple Town and take on the Challenge:

  6. Triple Town will launch so that you can play and try to beat the Challenge. But first, connect Triple Town to Game Center if you haven't already done so:
  7. Play the game and try to beat the Challenge! If you don't succeed, you can keep trying until you do beat it--the Challenge won't disappear unless you return to Step 5 and click the Decline button.
  8. Note that you don't actually need to do Steps 3-5. So long as you are signed in to Game Center (Step 2) and Triple Town is connected to Game Center (Step 6), the Challenge will be taken on.

Troubleshooting Q&A

Q: I beat a Challenge but it hasn't disappeared from my list.

A: Several things could be happening, including the following:

  • You weren't signed in to Game Center (Step 2).
  • Triple Town wasn't connected to Game Center (Step 6).
  • You were playing the wrong map. Challenges are map-specific, so double-check the Challenge (Step 4) to make sure that you're playing the right map.

Q: I have a question you haven't covered, or I found a mistake in what you wrote.

A: Email with your question.

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