How can I see my local leaderboard rather than the Google+ leaderboard? (Google Play devices only)

To see your local leaderboard on a Google Play device, do the following:

  1. Follow the instructions on this page. They will instruct you in signing out of Google+ and then returning to Triple Town in the signed-out state.
  2. Those instructions left you looking at the local leaderboard for one of the maps (the map you are currently playing on). If that's the map whose local leaderboard interests you, you are done! If not, read on!
  3. There is a different local leaderboard for each map, so we need to select the map whose leaderboard we are interested in. First, click the Done button to close the local leaderboard you're currently looking at. This will return you to the Options menu. Then click the Done button on the Options menu to return to the screen with the game board.
  4. Click the orange house icon to bring up the "Select a map" screen. Then click the map of interest.
  5. Click the orange gear icon to open the Options menu.
  6. Click the orange button next to where it says "High scores". This will bring up the local leaderboard for the map chosen in Step 4.
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