Alternative way to sign out of the Google+ Leaderboards / Achievements (Google Play mobile game only)

The main instructions for signing out of Google+ are located on another page: . If you're trying to sign out of Google+ for the first time, please try those instructions first.

The page you're currently on contains alternative instructions, because some people can't launch the game which is a required step in the other set of instructions.

Alternative way to sign out of Google+

  1. Signing out will be done via the Google Settings app.
  2. Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_02.jpg
  3. Look for Triple Town in the list of apps.
  4. If you can't find it, switch to your other accounts and try looking in their lists.
    Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_04.jpg or Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_05.jpg
  5. Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_06.jpg
  6. Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_07.jpg
  7. Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_08.jpg
  8. If the disconnection was successful then Triple Town should no longer be listed.
    Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_09.jpg or Alternative_Google_Plus_Signout_10.jpg
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