Tips for playing Beartopia

Establish your passive income

Most players don't have the real-life freedom to play Beartopia 24/7. And that's okay! But you can set up certain things to generate income passively (i.e., they'll generate income regardless of whether or not you're playing).

  • Hire a relative - Go to a Boarding House and pay to have a relative from the Old Country join you in Beartopia. Then "train" him/her by recording a path of economic activities for him/her to execute. He/she will repeat this path every single game day (~68 seconds), and you'll get the gold he/she generates, even if you're logged-off at the time. You can hire one new relative in each Biome, for a total of 5 once all Biomes have been explored. That's up to 5x as many hands earning money!
    • There is a limited amount of space in each Boarding House. If the one you're attempting to use is full, try one on another island!
  • Crafting - Some resources will drop Crafting Kits. You'll earn money for each completed Crafting Kit that you plant or contribute to--even if it isn't your own!--so long as you know the relevant skill for harvesting that resource. Note that you don't start earning money until the kit is completed, and that kits (completed or not) will expire after a predetermined time.

Help the villagers

Some of the villagers have small needs. One example is Esquire "G" Gardener on Beach Port island, who is in need of a Berry. If you help out these villagers, they'll remember your acts of kindness and will help you out down the road with occasional gifts of crafting kits or ingredients.

Master the mini-games

Sparkly resources will let you play a mini-game when you click on them. You can get up to 25x the normal amount of gold if you do well! Here are some hints:

  • Berry Bush mini-game - The correct motion is up and down. Hold your arm straight out in front of you, then bend your elbow until your forearm is vertical, then reverse direction until your forearm is horizontal again. (Err, actually you might have to move the controller downward a little farther than that, but that's the idea.) You'll get credit if the downward motion is successful (correct range of motion and correct speed). The upward motion is less important; it's mostly for resetting your arm so you can do the downward motion again. After 3 successful hits, the mini-game will end.
  • Sandstone mini-game - The motion is the same as the Berry Bush mini-game. The catch is that the Sandstone will turn red after it is struck, and cannot be hit again during that time without a penalty. So, hit downward onto the Sandstone, then return to the up position and wait about a second or so until the Sandstone is no longer red before hitting it again. After 3 successful hits, the mini-game will end.
  • Goat mini-game - The correct motion is left and right. You'll get credit if the right-to-left motion is successful (correct range of motion and correct speed). The left-to-right motion is less important; it's mostly for resetting your arm so you can move right-to-left again. Hold your arm straight out in front of you, then start by moving your arm to the right in preparation for the "combing" motion. Next, move your arm at a moderate speed to the left, to comb the goat's wool. The game will tell you if you've moved to the left too fast. After that, move your arm back to the right and try again. Like the Sandstone mini-game, the Goat will turn red after each attempt--wait until it is no longer red before trying again. After 3 successful combs, the mini-game will end.
  • In later mini-games, the motions may be different.
  • In later mini-games, the resources may blink red on their own, rather than waiting until you hit them. As with the other mini-games, don't do the important motion when the resource is red.

Ascend when progress becomes slow

The character Barbara Cook on Shroom Forest island is selling tickets to travel to the Old Country. Purchasing one is basically an "ascension"--your progress and gold are reset to zero, but you get some Imperials that can help you to progress faster next time. (Note: You don't actually get to see or walk around in the Old Country; this is a narrative to explain how you ended up with the Imperials.) The number of Imperials you get depends on the number of skill level you have purchased (at the time this was written, you get 1 Imperial for every 100 skill levels), so purchase as many skill levels as you can before ascending!


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