Where are my Bearaphrase selfie photos saved? (Alphabear: Hardcover Edition (Mac and Windows) only)

Note: In version 1.0.0, the Save button for saving Bearaphrase selfies is a little flaky. When you click it, please make sure that the "Screenshot Saved" notification appears briefly in the lower-right corner of the game. If not, wait a few seconds for the Save button to come back, then try again. It should work after a few tries.

Assuming that your selfie was saved, follow these steps to see it.

  1. In the Steam Application (the one from which you launch all your Steam games), click View >> Screenshots.
  2. The Screenshot Uploader window should come up. In this window's Show dropdown, pick Alphabear: Hardcover Edition.
  3. All of your Alphabear: Hardcover Edition screenshots should be shown, including any bearaphrase selfies you've saved. Done!
    • From here, you can optionally click the SHOW ON DISK button to view the actual .jpg files.
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