How do I use the keyboard with Alphabear: Hardcover Edition? (Mac and Windows versions only)

In Alphabear: Hardcover Edition, you can do a lot of things with your computer keyboard! Here are some examples:

Spelling and submitting words

  • Type a letter on the keyboard to select a tile on the gameboard that matches the letter you typed.
    • If there is no such tile, no tile will be selected.
    • If there is more than one such tile, the game will select the matching tile with the lowest remaining lifetime. If more than one are tied for lowest remaining lifetime, the game will pick one of them.
    • If the tile you want to use is different than the one that was selected, press the Spacebar, Tab, or Right Arrow key to cycle through all matching tiles until the one you prefer is selected. You can also press the Left Arrow key to cycle in the reverse order.
  • Press Delete or Backspace to remove the last letter in the Submit Bar.
  • Press Enter to submit the word in the Submit Bar.


  • Pressing Enter is often the same as the default option (e.g., clicking the Continue arrow that sometimes appears in the lower-right corner).
  • Pressing Esc is often the same as "backing out" (e.g., during an event if you press Esc you will be asked if you want to quit and return to the previous menu).
  • On the Event Selection screen, pressing the Left Arrow key or Right Arrow key will change which event is selected. You can then press Enter to begin the selected event.
  • If you click on the speech bubble where the bear is explaining the word's definition, pressing Enter will cycle through the definitions.
    • Note that you probably don't want to use Enter in this way while a submittable word is in the Submit Bar, since Enter will also try to submit the word.


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