How do I select bears and start the game? (Alphabear)

To select your bears and start the game, please follow the instructions below. The instructions below assume that you intend to select Fore Bear (the one with the tall hat), but the same process applies to any bear you want to select.

  1. Scroll the list of bears until you find the bear that you intend to select.
  2. Click the bear that you intend to select.
  3. Click the Select Bear button.
  4. Confirm that the bear you selected appears in one of the selection slots at the bottom.
  5. If so desired, repeat steps 1-4 above to select more bears.
  6. Now that you've selected all your bears, click the Go button to begin the game.
  7. Done! You should now be in-game with the bears you selected. Note that you won't necessarily see all of your selected bears immediately, especially if there are very few bears on the board.
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