Why won't Alphabear let me watch ads? (Mobile Version)

The following may be some reasons that you can't watch ads for more honey/coins:

  • The game limits each player to 8 ads per day, and at most 1 of these can be a coin ad. If you've already reached the limit today, then you won't be able to watch more ads until the next day. (I don't recall exactly how we determine when the next day begins with respect to ads.)
  • Whether ads are available or not is controlled by our ad providers. If there isn't sufficient ad supply, then you won't be able to watch an ad. Note that the supply is not necessarily the same in every geography, and there may be other factors involved too.
  • The game may need some time to download a new ad. One suggestion is that perhaps doing something in between clicks of the Watch A Video button might allow the game the time it needs to download the next ad.
  • If your internet connection is not strong and stable, you may not be able to receive ads.
  • If your device has an ad blocker, has a firewall, or is behind a firewall, you may not be able to receive ads unless things are properly configured. Note that at least one ad blocker program interferes with ads even while disabled, so consider testing your configuration by deleting the ad blocker, not just disabling it.
  • Only Common and Rare bears can be woken with ads. If you click on a napping Legendary bear, the game won't even show you a grayed-out ad button because Legendaries can never be woken via ads.
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